A is for Apple, B is for Ball...
This Topic Mini Research Page was develeoped for
Mrs. Goodman's Kindergarten class at Parker Mathis ElementarySchool
Designed By Nakia Hamilton, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

 What letters do you know?  Can u help feed Cookie Monster the correct cookies?

This activity will help you recognize what letters of the alphabet words begin with. Click HERE to begin feeding Cookie Monster.

What sound does the letter "M, m" make?

This website will help you to learn what the letters look like and what sounds they make. Let's GO!

Do you know what letters words begin with?

Select the picture that begins with letter at the top of the page. Click Go to begin.
CAT                      SUN
  BAT                         MAN
                  NOT             BIG                          
          RUN                   HOT

Do you know what words sound the same?

Match the pictures of words that sound the same with Clifford the Big Red Dog!

Topic Mini Research Real World Activity
Imagine that you are going to be a guest on the show Blue's Clues!
wants to tell you what she wants, but she is dog so she can't talk
. You have to help Steve figure out what Blue wants by looking at the clues she leaves behind. Each clue will be a picture of an item. To help, you must choose the correct letter that the picture begins with and write the letter down in your "Handy Dandy Notebook". After collecting all the letters from the clues, you have to put your letters together to make the word that will tell you what Blue wants! First go to this website for more pracitice.

Steps to Complete  Real World Activity

A. Before starting practice recognizing the letters and the sounds they make.

1. Pick the first clue picture from mystery bag and name the item.
2. Write the letter on page ONE of your "handy dandy notebook."
3. Find and name the second clue.
4. Write the letter the item begins with on page TWO of your "handy dandy notebook."
Find and name the third clue.
Write the letter the item begins with on page THREE of your "handy dandy notebook."
7. Continue if more clues are left to be name.
8. Gather each number page from "handy dandy notebook" and put in order, First, Second, Third, Fourth...
9. On journal sheet write each letter down in the order that they appeared as clues.
10. Now lets use the skills you have learned to sound out what sound each letter make.
11. Excellent, now you know what Blue wants.

12.Sing Celebration Song "We just figured out Blue's clue, we just figure out Blue's clues, we just figured out Blue's clues, because we're really smart!"