Fluttering  Towards A Better Education
Designed  By: Nakia Hamilton

Hello! Welcome to "Fluttering Towards A Better Education”. My name is Nakia Hamilton. I am Twenty- two years old and I currently attend Valdosta State University where I am a double major. My primary major is Early Childhood Education. Early Childhood and Special Education Department. I am also majoring in Dental Hygiene.


My passion is teaching, and I really love working with children.  There are so many ways to teach young children, that one can be actually overwhelmed with the options. I have found two really great websites that can help you as a teacher in the world of education. Scholastic can be very helpful for all teachers of all grade levels. Another very helpful website, The Teacher's Corner, provides many helpful links and articles for new and veteran teachers. One of my favorite learning websites for children is Discovery Kids.

I love to cook, watch movies, play games (board games, video games, game shows, ect...), and learning new things. I also enjoy traveling and visiting new places. I have had an opportunity to visit Cozumel, Mexico.

Although I haven't really had the time to travel lately, I do have a list of places I would love to visit. They include; Jamaica, Africa, Europe, Spain, and South America. I enjoy leaning about new cultures and experiencing what it is like to live under very different circumstances.


One of my favorite animals is the Butterfly. I think that they are not only graceful and gentle but also very beautiful to watch. One of my favorite places to visit is Butterfly World , of Coconut Creek, Florida.


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