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    Once upon a time, a very long time ago, there was a town that was terrified of the night.  At night when the townfolk would try to sleep, there were scary sounds coming from the woods that would either make the children wake up screaming or keep them from falling asleep.  The children were also told to never enter the woods after dark because of the scary sounds. 

    One afternoon, a very old man from the town told some of the children about a magical well that was deep in the woods. This well had special powers.  Powers that could give the children peaceful sleep.  The old man whispered to the children about how wonderful the water in the well tasted.  He said that the water tasted like chocolate, ice cream, pizza, popcorn and bubble gum all rolled into one.   He told of how this magical well could only be seen at night because then it had a bright, shining glow like the moon.  He also told them that this wonderful well had dried up and no longer produced this magical water because the children no longer came to drink from it. 

    There were two children in the group who were especially interested in this story, a mighty boy named Zakary and a beautiful girl named Savanna.  The old storyteller gave them a special bag and told them to never open it unless they were at the opening of the well. 

    Later that night, Zakary and Savanna decided that they were going to find this wonderful, magical well.  They took two flashlights, a rope and the special bag.  They decided that they were going to make the scary sounds go away.  They started walking towards the deepest part of the woods.  Suddenly, they heard a noise.  They almost  jumped out of their skins but laughed at themselves when they realized it was only an owl.  Further and further into the woods they went.  It was getting cold and dark in the woods and both of the children were getting scared and tired. 

    All of a sudden, they heard the sound, the same one that kept the children awake at night.  But, this deep in the woods, it sounded more like a bear!  They started running, only to be stopped by a beautiful , glowing sight ahead of them.  They had found the magic well!!!  It did glow like the bright moon.  They slowly approached the well, because it sounded as if the awful sound was coming directly from inside of it.  They cautiously looked inside the well and what did they find?  A tiny bear cub stuck inside the bucket that was used to draw the water from the well.  The bear was only screaming for help.  It was lonely, scared and hungry.  They took their rope and pulled the bucket and the bear out of the magical well.  The little bear was so happy to finally be out of the well! 

    The mighty boy, Zakary, took the special bag out of his pocket.  Inside was a small green rock and some peanuts.  Savanna knew that bears liked peanuts so she offered to share them with the bear.  Guess what happened?  The bear began to talk and the children could understand him.  He told them that he had gotten stuck inside the well trying to get a drink of the magical water his mother had told him so much about.  He said that he screamed at night trying to get someone to come help him.  The children told the bear that his cries scared everyone in the village and kept them from sleeping at night.  The little bear was very sorry and said that he would never try to get inside the well again. 

    The children then examined the rock. The little bear cub said that his mother had once told him that if the well ever stopped working, only a magic green rock would be able to make it produce water again.  The bear cub took the rock that was in the children's bag and threw it down into the well.  The three of them stood waiting by the well to see what would happen. They waited and waited and waited.  All of a sudden, water shot straight up from the well into the sky, high enough that it almost touched the bright glowing stars and beautiful moon.  They each took a drink of the magical water.  The beautiful girl tasted strawberries and icecream, the mighty boy tasted popcorn and coke and the bear cub tasted apples and peanuts. The water was indeed as good as they'd been told! 

    The children were very happy, full and very sleepy when they returned home and they went straight to bed.  

Critical Thinking Questions

Critical questions to ask students that would change your story to their story:
1.   How would you change the main character? (Introduction)
2.   Where would your story take place? (Setting)
3.   What would happen to the main character in your story? (Plot)
4.   How would your story end? (Ending)

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