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Hello! My Name is Nora Williams and I would love to welcome you to my home page. I would like to begin by telling you some interesting facts about me. I am from an army family so I have moved and lived just about everywhere. I come from a small family with only one older brother. We are both studying to be teachers. Speaking of teaching my favorite subject is science! Science can be a tricky subject to teach, but it can open so many doors for studets! I found a link that is very helpful for teachers looking to teach science. Another good web resource for teachers is Science Teachers. I can not wait to start teaching but I have a few more semesters before that dream can come true.

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I am a very determined person and I have many hobbies. One of them would be taking care of my hamster! He is a bit spoiled but he deserves it! Oddly enough I would disagree about having a hamster for a classroom pet. Hamsters need quiet low energy rooms to be comfortable in. If you have ever been in a elementary school there is no such thing as a low energy room! If you're interested in having a hamster for a pet, click here. Another one of my hobbies would be I love to crochet! It calms the mind and just forces you to relax. When winter comes along you also have a cute one of a kind blanket. If you are interested in crocheting click here.

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Valdosta State University is a wonderful place and so is the city Valdosta! Even though I transfered from Bainbridge College The City of Valdosta has so many fun places I cannot wait to explore. I am currently a junior, and I am proud to say that I am studying to become an educator through the Department of Early Childhood and Special Education, where I am majoring in early childhood education.

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