Step into Fall
This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Vedas's Kindergarten Class at W. G. Nunn  by Nkenze Jordan, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

dog leaves

Fall has several different reason why is one of the beautiful season.  The leaves are falling from the tree, but not before they change from green to many different colors such as brown, red, orange, or yellow.  Fall signifies that it is harvest time.  Can you guess what fruits and vegtables are ripe in the Fall.  The weather during the fall season is wonderful; it is not too hot or not too cold. 

falltree 1. Learn  why leaves change colors?  This site tells you why the leaves are different in the fall..
2.  Plants in the fall are the best colors .  Come in and see all the fun of fall.
3.  There are several types of Fall Leaves.  Learn the many different types of fall leaves.  Their names and the colors the change.
fall leaves
4. Fall Leaves find in Maine.  Do you know where Maine is located?
5.  The splendor of autumn.  There's much to see in the beautiful season of autumn.
6.  Would you like to color your own fall leaves.  Visit this site and you will find a coloring page just for you.
7.  You can read different books on fall.  Check out this web site to see all the many book.
fun house
8. Fall Fun is the place to visit.  You can play exciting games.
leave 9.  There are many different ways to see fall things.  Look at some of the exciting things you can do with leaves
leaf 10.  The world of echanting learning is for you.  Let's take a look.

Scenario Mission

We're going to pretend that we're botanists.  We're going on a scavenger hunt to collect leaves.  Not just any leaves, but leaves the of Fall.  The scavenger hunt will take place on the WorldWide Web.  On the hunt, we will find that leaves change colors during the fall.  There are several different types of leaves and different colors.  The shapes varies from leaf to leaf.  Some of the fall colors are brown, orange, red, and yellow.  Some leaves may have all the colors.  Maybe next time you're outside, you will notice all the fall leaves in your yard and their beautiful colors.

Mission Steps

1.  Where can you find leaves?

2.  What colors and shapes were your favorite leaf?

3.  Can you draw a leaf and color it the color of a fall leaf?

4.  Can you describe your drawing?


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