Oh, The Places You Will Go!
Paint Picture and Story by Nkenze Jordan

Oh, The Places You'll Go!
by Dr. Seuss


Dr. Seuss uses his great imagination to create a book that is designed to make you think about the places there you will go in life.  He begins by saying that you are going to great places.  Just chose the direction in which you want to go.  It's your decision where and how you go.  You may be on your way to a different place.  You may go to familiar places.  The places you go may be literal or symbolic.  You may go places in school or on your job that leads to success.  Reading this story makes me think of the choices we make in life; some of them good and some of them bad.  We can take the broader roads or we can take the narrow.  One thing for sure, we are going places.


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