How's the Weather?
This TopicQuest was designed for Alyssa and Reagan
By Nancy Swords, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

satellite view of weather

     Have you ever wondered how meteorologists know what the weather will be like days from now?  Do you know what type of weather usually forms a tornado and where they occur the most?  Can you tell the difference between a hurricane and a tsunami?  Today we will explore the different types of weather and figure out how they occur.

1. Everyone talks about the weather, but what exactly is it? Check out this site to understand what weather is!
tornado in field

2. Discover Tornado Alley and find out how many tornadoes are recorded each year just in this area alone!  Learn what months are most popular for tornadoes and look for signs a tornado is developing.
aerial view of hurricne
3. Learn how hurricanes form  and the stages of a hurricane from this interesting site.  There is also great info on their names, categories, and hurricane safety.
thunderstorm with lightning
4. Would you know what to do in a thunderstorm? This site offers great safety tips if you are caught in a storm with lightning.
tsunami wave
5. Find out what a tsunami is and where they occur.  It might surprise you!
storm chaser truck
6. Do the different types of severe weather interest you?  Check and see if you have what it takes to be a storm chaser!

     Imagine you are a storm chaser looking for tornadoes in Tornado Alley.  While staying at a local town, teachers at the elementary school have asked you to tell their students about tornadoes.  Think about how you know a tornado is developing and four signs of a tornado.  Draw each of the four signs of a tornado. Then write a short summary of  how you go about "chasing" a tornado.  Be sure to tell them about the dangers of being a storm chaser and what to do if there is a tornado warning.
Mission Steps
1. Think about four signs of a developing tornado.  Imagine what the sky and clouds look like and what is happening during each sign.

2. Draw four signs of a tornado.  Be sure to note the colors and description of each sign.

3. Write a short summary on what to do if  there is a tornado warning.  Include safety steps if the tornado happens during school.  Include what is involved in chasing a tornado.

4. We will post the pictures and safety tips on the Internet so that others can learn about the safety steps needed during a tornado warning.

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