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Welcome to my 5th grade science class at Esther Jackson Elementary School in Roswell, Georgia.   I am so excited to be here with you all!  We Jaguars like to say that EJES is "Where Learning Leads the Way."  Recently, the state of Georgia let us know they agree by awarding EJES the Gold Award!  Go Jaguars!!

Esther Jackson Elementary School


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This is my 2nd year at Esther Jackson but my 5th year as a special education teacher.  Originally from New Jersey, I moved to Roswell, Georgia with my husband and two sons in 2006.  We love living here!  When I am not teaching, I like to read, cook, try new restaurants, make jewelery, watch movies, see the sights of Atlanta, and spend time with friends.   Currently, I am pursuing my Master's degree at Valdosta State University.

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Science just happens to be my favorite subject - both to learn and to teach!  This class will be very hands-on and interactive.  Among other things, we will learn about genetics (Why do I have such curly hair?), plate tetonics (How do earth quakes happen?), atoms (Neutrons, protons, and electrons?), electricity (Why does a balloon stick to the wall after rubbing it on your head?), and microorganisms (Can bacteria ever be a good thing?).   So, hold on to your bunson burners!  We are going to have a scientifically fantastic time!

GA 5th Grade Science Standards

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