Do You Sense What I Sense
This TopicQuest was designed for Ms. Camon's Pre-K class at Valdosta Daycare Center by Mish Nyutu, a Valdosta  State University Preservice Teacher.


Let's take a walk through the world of our senses. What makes one look at something and know it's color? What makes us know the taste of an orange? What about the noisy neighbour next door? Do you ever think about why one moves his/her hand away from a hot pan? Oh yeah, let's not forget mama's cooking. How do you know it smells good? Well this page will help us know some facts about our senses. If you are ready, then I am too. LET'S GET GOING TO THE WORLD OF OUR SENSES AND DISCOVER SOME COOL STUFF.

 I want to see you. Do you want to see me? This website will help us sight our first sense and know how we are able to see.
Do you hear what I hear? Oh the music, well not really, I think I hear the dog barking. Let's visit the Come to Your Senses and know more about how our ears work.
Aha! Think about your nose. It helps you know if something smells good or bad. A rotten banana would not be something you want near your nose. Let's visit the yuckiest site on the Internet and learn more about the sense of smell.
tou Hey there, did you come to your senses after touching that hot pot? I would move my hand from it so fast. What about you?
Hey, do you wanna taste mama's great food? Is it sweet, salty, or sour? Let's stick out our toungues and say aah, as we learn more about the tougue and how we taste.
I was doing some research about the five senses and I found some great information about our senses. Take a look at the encyclopedia and you too can learn more about your senses.

Mission Activity.
  Imagine that you are a teacher.You have a classroom of ten students. You have just finished covering the topic on five senses. For your next class lesson, you intend to have the students speak about one of the senses they like best. You have prepared to show an example of the lesson by talking about the nose. You have a picture of a nose and after talking about it, you show the students your picture. Provide the paper, pencils, markers, crayons and any other materials the students may use to draw their picture. A  website like Five Senses can help you jog your memory on how some of the features look like.
Mission Steps.
1. After visiting the website Five Senses , students will identify what body feature related to our senses they may want to talk about.
2. The students will draw a picture of the body feature they like.
3. Under each picture the students will write three interesting facts about the feature they choose.
4. The students will then share the information with others in the class.

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