Mr. Barrett's 5th Grade Science Class

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Mike Barrett


Hi, my name is Mike Barrett. Mrs. Doane, Mrs. Share and myself welcome you to the Sierra Company science class for the 2008/2009 school year. Thomas County Middle School is where "HUSTLE and HARMONY" abound! Thomas County is a land of farms, forests, and friends. Thomasville is 35 miles north of Tallahassee, FL and is located in
 Georgia's coastal plain merely 60 miles from the Gulf of Mexico.  

                                Farming on the coastal plain                 Gulf Hurricane                    longleafsavanna

In addition to teaching science and social studies, I am the middle school golf coach and look forward to introducing many of you to my favorite sport. Several friends have boats and I enjoy fishing with them on the flats for:

              sea trout...Nice catch           and redfish...redfish

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The 5th grade is a gateway year in several respects. Science will present many reading opportunities and new challenges to learn about the world around you. What you learn here will follow you into high school and be a foundation for your life so choose your ruts wisely! 
wagon trail

The DOG ate my homework

homework dog
 Information to be added during 2008-09 school year

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     Information to be added during 2008-09 school year