Exploring a Rainbow of Colors

This  Topic Mini Research & Literature Web Page was developed
 for Mrs. Musgrove's Pre-K class at  Dewar Elementary School
Designed by Marlisha McNeal, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher


Will you Help Clifford and T Bone  match thier colors? On this site you can help T Bone and Clifford macth the color of the balloons.
Want to know what makes a rainbow? Visit this site to learn what makes a rainbow.

crazy colors
Want to learn about primary colors and the secondary colors they make?  Use this site to learn what primary colors are and what  secondary colors they make.

Want to learn about colors?  Have fun, explore colors, and make a rainbow with Freda Frog.
colorful fish Want to identify colors? Lets identify the colors of different objects using this site.

Topic Mini - Research Real World Activity
    You are a private investigator and Lucy the lepricon has just told you that someone has taken the colors from her rainbow so she can not find her gold. You will have to follow the clues ( the clues are different color yarn paths) to find  the colors of  Lucy's rainbow. If you find all the colors  and help Lucy find her gold you will get a prize.
Hint: There are six bows. There is one red bow, one green bow, one yellow bow, one purple bow, one blue bow, and one orange bow. ( each bow has a number on the back of it so look for the numbers 1,2,3,4, 5 and 6)

Steps to Complete Real World Activity
    Before starting the activity review the colors of the rainbow using the first school website.
1. Look around the Classroom real good, when you see a piece of colored yarn pull the yarn to find a bow of color.( look on evreything in the room)
2. Every time you find a color in the shape of a bow, stick the bow on the white board in the front of the room.
3. After all colors are found, put the colors in the right order. ( from 1 to 6).
4. To complete the activity, stick all of the colors together and there will be a treat at the end of the rainbow.

Topic Literature Activity
What Makes a Rainbow?
By: Betty Schwartz
Illistrated by: Dona Turner
Designed by Heather J. Gondek

what makes a rainbow

Topic Literature Activity

about rainbows
A.The students will go to the First School website to review their colors. The students will also go to the Museum Victoria website to learn what makes a rainbow.
B.4 questions of understanding
1.  What color did the ladybug say that the little rabbit needed to make a rainbow?
  What had just stopped  at the beginning of the book?
3.  How many colors were in the little rabbits rainbow?
4.  Who did the mama rabbit to ask what makes a rainbow?

C. Critical thinking questions based on the book
1. If you were the little rabbit how would find out what makes a rainbow?
2. I
f  could pick any animal from the book which animal would you be and why?

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