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Douglas County High School

Douglas County High School (DCHS) is the largest high school in the
Douglas County School System.  It is the home of the Tigers
and is located in Douglasville, Georgia.

DCHS is the only school in the county that offers the International Baccalaureat Program
which is an internationally recognized program for highly motivated and high
achieving students.

Ms. Venisee-Gardner

Although I was born in Georgia, I actually grew up in Heidelberg, Germany. My parents and younger sister have resided there for the last 28 years. The experience of growing up in a foreign country was wonderful. Not only did I have the opportunity to travel Europe extensively, I also had the opportunity to experience diversity firsthand. I returned to the U.S. permanently in order to complete high school and have since made Georgia my home. My husband and I are both products of the Atlanta University Center, Morehouse College and Clark Atlanta University respectively.  I continued my education at Argosy University as well as Valdosta State University (where I am currently working on my Master of Arts Teaching degree). Together we have three amazing children (MaKaila 14 years old, Akilah 10 years old, and Marsalis 9 years old). As honor students, they have a thirst and appreciation for knowledge. For many years I was a Domestic Engineer (stay at home mom) dedicated to our children and family overall. The pay wasn’t much (although The Today Show reports it as worthy of a six figure income), but the rewards were plenty!

Prior to becoming an educator, I spent several years volunteering as Room Mom for each of our children and thoroughly enjoyed the experience(s) of being in the classroom. Working with students came naturally and I really began to look forward to it and decided to make it my career. I am truly excited to see the look in a child’s eyes when the information “clicks” and they really get it. Empowering children with knowledge builds their self-esteem and provides them with many choices and opportunities in today’s world. For the 2007-2008 school year I taught Study Skills for both 9th and 10th grade students. They were a wonderfully diverse group of learners with mixed abilities, interests, and learning styles! While my class was generally considered a Language Arts based Study Skills, students also consistently worked on other subjects as well

When I am not in the role of educator or student, I enjoy volunteering (church related functions and Girl Scouts). I also really enjoy traveling, snow skiing, cooking, attending the theater, museums, art galleries, and spending time with my family and close friends. One of my favorite websites for news and entertainment is CNN . As an educator, I look forward to and appreciate the opportunity to educate our youth.

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