Come Swim In A
Sea Of Fun!

This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Hodge's Second Grade Class at Berrien Primary School
By Missy Tucker, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

  beach scene

Have you ever been to the ocean? Did you wonder what kind of creatures lived there? If so, you will love this site! We will dive deep in the ocean to explore and learn all about marine life. You will be able to visit interesting websites that inform you about some of our favorite sea creatures. But that's not all, there are also links allowing you to make ocean crafts, listen to the sounds of sea creatures, and a special link that gives you the oppurtunity to e-mail Shamu and his friends at Sea World. So, put on your scuba gear and get ready to "Swim In A Sea Of Fun!" swimming fish

scuba diver

photo of the beach How much do you know about the ocean? You can learn even more by using this encyclopedia to find interesting information and facts.
Watch real live sharks swim and penguins play at this fun interactive site.

shark Did you know that there are over 350 different species of sharks. Learn all about this and more at this website. Click here to enter.
Do you have a dolphin question you would like answered? If so, click here.
blue whale
Do you know that the largest animal on Earth lives in the ocean and that 50 people can stand on its tongue? Going to this web site will help you learn all about this amazing creature.
Manatees are an endangered species. They eat six to eight hours a day and rest two to twelve hours per day. Visit this website to learn more about manatees.
sea turtles
Did you know that some sea turtles live to be over 100 years old. Read all about this and other fun facts by clicking here.
Did you know that octopuses have eight arms and they can squirt out a black ink to hide from danger? Check out this site to learn all this and so much more about octopuses.
penguin Do you think you know alot about penguins. If so, test your Penguin IQ here.
paper plate craft
Click here to make fun ocean crafts.
Would you like to hear the sounds that some of your favorite sea animals make. If so, click here.

                      ask shamu

Mission Activity: Design a Poster

Now that you have had the chance to dive deep into the ocean, you have a very important mission ahead. Imagine that Ocean Kids Magazine is having a contest. The winner will win a free trip to Sea World to meet Shamu.
Each participant is asked to design a poster about their favorite sea creature. Your poster should include a drawn picture of your favorite sea creature along with a short explaination of why this is your favorite. Your poster should also include at least three interesting facts about the sea creature you have chosen.
Ocean Kids Magazine will be looking for the most creative, interesting, and informative poster entered. Include personal pictures and drawings if you like.  You may use the following link to find lots of fun facts and details about your sea creature to use on your poster.

jumping dolphins

Good Luck!

                                                  Mission Steps:

1.   Think about the different types of sea creatures           that live in the ocean - Pick your favorite.

2.   Access the Encarta Encyclopedia website to  
      discover fun and interesting facts about your
      favorite creature.

3.   Begin designing your poster by drawing a picture
      of your favorite sea creature.

4.   Write a short explaination of why this is
       your favorite sea creature.

5.   List at least three details and/or facts about the
      sea creature you have chosen.

6.   Complete your poster by adding any personal
      drawings or pictures you like.

7.   Most of All, have fun learning about your
      favorite sea creature.

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