Fun With Eggs
This topicQuest was designed for Mrs. Sauls Kindergarten Class at Clyattville Elementary School By Marisela Trejo, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

Everyone is familiar with the chicken eggs.  However, did you know that there are many other types of eggs?  Did you know that there are many different animals that come from eggs?  Well if you didn't, you have come to right place because we will find out some interesting facts about different types of eggs.

This site offers great information about the chicken egg. Now you  can see and learn the anatomy of an egg. 
fish eggs
Can you tell what kind of eggs you see at the left? Well these are fish eggs and if you want to know more click here.  You will learn about different types of fish eggs.

This site can help you see how insect eggs look like.  The insect eggs  are very tiny.  Also insect eggs are usually different in color.  You will be able to see some examples from this site.
How do snake eggs look like? See how baby snakes are being born.   You will also be able to see how snakes shed their skin.  Well click here and let's find out!!!
Even though dinosaurs existed along time ago, we can still see how dinosaur eggs look like.  You can discover important information about dinosaurs.
I bet you have seen many turtles when you visited the zoo, but have you ever seen turtle eggs before? This site will teach you about turtles and their differences.
You may not want to leave food outside laying around after you take a look at what house flies  can leave on food. These house flies can lay up to 250 eggs in one sitting.
Duck eggs are about the same size as chicken eggs.  Visit this site to learn what the difference is between duck and chicken eggs.

alligator Did you know that alligator females can lay up to 30 eggs?  Alligators can also weigh up to 50 pounds.  Join me and let's learn other interesting facts about alligators.
Now that you have learned about the different kind of eggs, lets learn about the history of the easter egg.  You will also be able to help decorate easter eggs.

Now that you have learned about the different eggs there are, lets pretend that you are going to bring a  duck egg to class for show and tell. You can go back to the top link or you can go to this eggs link to find facts about duck eggs. This is your big chance to tell your classmates all about it.
Mission Steps
1. Visit the website to get facts on duck eggs.
2. Make a list of facts about duck eggs.
3. Draw a picture of a duck egg and inside the egg  re-write your facts about duck eggs.
4. Tell the teacher if she can publish the drawing of the duck egg on the Internet.
5. Also tell your classmates about the other types of eggs that you have learned.

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