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This Topic Mini-Research & Liturature Web Page was designed for Mrs. Garrett's Kindergarten Class at Ben Hill Primary School. 
Designed by Michelle Morris, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher


How can we get a total number of items? If you use this website you will be able to add and subtract objects.
How many problems can you answer correct?  On this site students can practice their skills and see how many they can do in times sessions.
math1 Is addition and subtraction fun practice?  If you are looking to just practice addition and subtraction come join us.
Can you find the missing numbers?  Add a little excitement an test your skills to find the missing number in addition and subtraction problems.

Mini-Research Real World Activity
Welcome to the big math adventure!  Today I want you to pretend to be the teacher for our math lesson.  You will need to explore some addition and subtraction word problems and then create a problem of your own.  When you have completed your problem then you will need to prove to me how you came up with your answer.
Steps for Real World Activity
Step: 1.  First you will pretend to be a math teacher for a day.
Step:2.  You will need to explore some math problems do that you will have a very good understanding of adding and subtraction.
Step: 3.  After exploring some math problems, you will then need to create a math problem of your own.  Use objects, animals and other items to demostrate the math problem.
Step: 4.  Show how the problem makes since.

Topic Literature Activity
Five Little Ducks
Pamela Paparone

Topic Literature Activity

Five Little Ducks Interaction
(Use this link for Activ Prometheam Boards or Smart Boards)

Questions for Understanding
1.  How many ducks were there at the beginning of the story?
2.  If three ducks went out to play and only two came back. how many were lost?
3.  How many ducks were left after the first time they went out to play?
4.  When all the ducks went away, how many were left?

B.  Critical Thinking Questions
1. If the story was changed to the ducks going back  home, how could the story be told?
2. If you were to write a story what animals would and why?

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