Wonderful World of Butterflies
This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs Whiddon's kindergarten class at Cook County Primary School By Melody Moore, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher.

Have you wondered where butterflies come from?  How many different kinds of butterflies are there in the world?  What do butterflies do?

yellow moth
     Check out butterflies of North America  at       Northern Prarie Wildlife Research Center.

Monarch butterfly
Check out pictures of different butterflies, moths, and caterpillars at the Butterfly website.
Find out about butterflies at Enchanted Learning.com.
Visit the Howard Hughes Medical Institute to find out where butterflies come from.
Find out how many butterflies are in North America at the North American Butterfly Association.
Take a look at the butterflies at the Butterfly Pavillion in Westminster, CO.
Check out the butterfly habitats at The Field Museum.
Find out about monarch butterflies at Monarch Watch.
If you want to see live butterflies, explore the American Museum of Natural History's website.
light green butterfly
Discover butterflies at the University of Maryland.

You have been hired by the Discovery Channel to do research for a new nature show they are doing about butterflies.  You are going to explore the Enchanted Learning website to find out the information you need to gather about butterflies for the show.  You will answer the following questions and then draw a picture of the butterfly life cycle.

Mission Steps
1.  Explore the Enchanted Learning web site with your teacher.

2.  What is a Butterfly?

3.  How many legs does a butterfly have?

4.  How are butterflies and moths alike?

5.  How are butterflies and moths different?

6.  What are the four steps of the butterflies life cycle?

7.  How do butterflies see?

8.  Name some ways butterflies and caterpillars protect themselves?

9.  Name some ways butterflies and caterpillars protect themselves.

10.  Now draw a picture of each stage of the butterfly lifecycle.

butterfly on a leaf
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