Chester's Way
Author Kevin Henkes
Page Designed by Melody Moore


    Chester and his best friend Owen had their own way of doing things.  They did everything together.  When they cut their sandwiches, it was always diagonally.  When they rode their bikes, they always use hand signals.  If Chester is hungry, Owen is hungry too.   They dressed as things that went together  for Halloween.  They shared the same Christmas list.  They were two of a kind.  They were two peas in a pod.
    Then Lilly moved into the neighborhood.  Lilly had her own way of doing things.  She wore band aids to look brave.  She talked backwards to herself.  She always wore a nifty disguise. 
    When Lilly asked Chester and Owen to play, they always said they were busy.  If she called them on the phone, they disguised their voices and said they weren't home.  They did not want anything to do with Lilly.
    Then one day some older boys were bullying Chester and Owen.  Lilly jumped out of the bushes in one of her disguises and scared the older boys away.  After that, when Lilly asked Chester and Owen to play they said yes.  Then it was Chester and Owen and Lilly.  That's the way it was.

Critical Thinking Questions
1.  What kind of things might you carry in your pocket "just in case"?
2.  Do you have a friend who is just like you, and what kind of things do you like to do together?
3.  If you had been Chester, what would you have done the first time you met Lilly?

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