Fall into the Colors & the Leaves of Autumn
This Topic Mini-Research Web Page was developed for
  Mrs. Thompson's Kindergarten Class at SL Mason Elementary School
Designed By Megan Sellers, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

boy raking leaves

green leaf with sun
Why do the leaves change colors in the Fall?  Click here to see how many packages are in the colors of green, yellow, and orange.
drawn leaf
Wonder why the leaves always fall one time a year?  Look at this website to complete all your curious questions.
colorful Fall trees
Do you know what all the leaves look like?  Check out this website to see the different types of leaves.
drawn tree and fence
What do the colors of leaves actually mean?  Check your answers out at this webpage.

Topic Mini-Research Real World Activity
Lets image that you are the teacher for the day, and you want to teach the class about everything that you have read and learned from your favorite website listed above.  Draw on a sheet of paper a tree that you might see on a beautiful Fall day.  In your picture make sure that you include all the colors that you have learned about.  Once you are done, you will share your picture with the class, tell what different colors are in your picture, and let us know either how the leaves change colors or what the conditions need to be to produce the best autumn colors.

Steps to complete Real World Activity
1)  To start this activity draw a beautiful and colorful picture of a tree that you might see during the Fall.
2)  Try to remember how the leaves change colors, and what the conditions need to be in order to make the prettiest colors of the leaves.
3)  Share your picture and written knowlege with the class.  While you are sharing make sure to include the colors of the leaves in your picture, and either how the leaves change colors or what the conditions need to be to produce the best autumn colors.
4)  Once you are done presenting your masterpiece of artwork with the class, turn it in to Ms. Sellers.

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