All Fired Up About Fire Safety!

This page was designed for Mrs. Lisa Jarvis' First Grade Class at Clyattville Elementary School By Mindy Farinholt, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

1.  Meet Hershey the arson dog and learn about his job with the New York State Fire Department.  Also learn about the importance of arson dogs.

2.  Plan a fire escape plan for your home.  This website also tests your fire safety knowledge.

3.  Learn about Smokey Bear and about how to prevent forest fires.  Also view the new Smokey and Da Boyz music video!

4.  Learn about Sparky the Fire Dog.  Find out why Dalmatians are important to a fire department.

5.  This website tells all about the United States Fire Administration.  While visiting this website you can learn about the importance of smoke detectors and how to become a junior fire marshal.

6.  Meet "Reddy" The Fire Extinguisher and his friends.  View a list of safety tips for your home and learn how to "Stop, Drop, and Roll!"

7.  Visit this website to learn about the different types of fire departments.  There is also a picture of fireman at work.

8.  Visit this website to learn about firefighters and the courage they have.  Learn what it means to be a firefighter and how it affects your life.

9.  Learn about why we have Fire Prevention Week.  This website is about the history of Fire Prevention Week and how the idea got started.

10.  This is a link to The Big Red Fire Museum.  Learn about fire fighting in the old days and view pictures of antique fire trucks.

Be A Fire Inspector
Scenario Activity

Imagine you are a fire inspector.  A fire inspector inspects peoples homes, schools, and other important buildings.  It is your first day on the job and you have been called to inspect Hydro the Hazard Dog's house.  You are to go from room to room in Hydro's house and find the hazards in each room.
In addition, your boss wants you to write about various fire hazards that you found in Hydro's house.  Choose two hazards to write three sentences about and draw a picture next to each description.
To enter Hydro's Hazard House click on the following link. 
Hydro's Hazard House
Be a good inspector!  Your job depends on it!
See topic lesson plan for more information.


This is Georgia's picture of a young girl sticking a fork into an electrical socket and what happens when she does.

This is Stephen's picture of blanket on top of a lamp and what happens when the blanket catches on fire.


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