What do they Call My Baby?

This Topic Mini-Research and Literature Webpage was designed for Mrs. Myra's Pre-K class at
 Tift County Pre-Kindergarten Center
Designed by Meghan Evans, A Valdosta State University Student.

Farm Anima

What animals stay on farms?  Click Here to see what animals live on Farmer Dan's farm!
Which baby belongs to their mother? Click here to play a game to learn who the baby belongs to!
What do farm animals say? Click here to take a quiz to see how much you know!
What are baby farm animals called? Click here to see what they are called!
Got some extra time kids?  Go to this site an listen to a song about barnyard babies!

Mini Research Real World Activity


    Okay Kids.  Its time to go on an imaginary field trip to Farmer Dan's farm.  I want you all to be on your best behavior.  As we arrived on the farm, Farmer Dan was running around screaming for help.  When we asked him what was wrong, he told us that all of his farm animals got loose on the farm.  He asked us to help him gather all the animals back up and to make sure that the babies are back with their mothers.  As we gather the animals we will learn the difference between the baby animals and the mothers, and also what the baby animals are called.  Need some help? Click here to learn what the animals are called to help them get home!

Steps for Real World Activity


  1. Explore the websites that are listed above.
  2. Take the quiz to see what you can remember from what you learned.
  3. Draw a picture of your favorite animal along with its baby.
  4. With my help, lets write the mother animals name below her picture and then write the baby animals name below its picture
  5. After you draw the picture, I want you to tell me what sound the animals makes, to tell me about the farm animal you chose, and why it is your favorite animal. 

Topic Literature Activity

Fun Farm
Aurthor Unknown

farm book

Topic Literature Activity
A.      Pig with Bow       Now we know what baby animals are called, but what sound do these animals say?  Click here to find out!
B. Questions of Understanding
1..  What is the baby cow called?
2.  What do chickens eat?
3.  Where do pigs like to spend most of their time?
4.  What is it called when a horse runs?
C. Critical Thinking Questions
1.  If you could be a farm animal, what animal would you be and why?
2. If you had a farm, what animals would you have on your farm?


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