Zzzng! Zzzng! Zzzng! a Yoruba Tale
Author:  Phillis Gershator
Illustrator:  Theresa Smith
Picture and Story by Mary Marie Carr


    Zzzng! Zzzng! Zzzng! is about a mosquito that is lonely in a world that is being

created quickly.  The trees, moon, stars, sun and so many more things are

starting to appear and marrying each other as the mosquito believes.  The sun

marries day and the moon marries night. 
  The mosquito is so sad but angry at the same time. She does not understand

why no one wants to marry her. Everyone tells her "she is told she is too small,

weak, and want last in a world that is growing so quickly."  The mosquito just

flies around and around trying to marry someone.  She sings her song,"Here I

come to hum and sing, rain or shine, I'm yours if your mine. Let us marry,

marry, marry."  But no one wants the mosquito.
  This makes the mosquito mean and she starts biting everyone that did not want

her to prove to them she is going no where. Then oneday she found her true

love. She married another mosquito but she was so use to biting everyone and

everything that she has never stopped. Even to this day the mosquito still bites. 

Critical Thinking Questions:

1.  If you were the mosquito, how would you have dealt with and felt about everyone in the story? Would you have bit everyone that hurt your feelings? If so, why?

2.  If you were the mosquito writing the story, what would you change about the story? Would you be a mosquito or a different insect?

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