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The site is dedicated to Mrs. Clemons Pre-K class at Hahira Elementary School in Hahira, Ga. This site was made and designed by Melanie Coker an Early Childhood Education Major at Valdosta State University.



Are you ready to get wet? saehorse We are going to travel under the sea! Have you ever been to the ocean? fish4Did you know that the ocean is homes to hundreds of thousands of neat and exciting animals. You are
probably familiar with some, but their are other that you
have never seen or heard of. stripedfishDuring your deep sea
dive you'll want to watch out for sharks and and other predators, but don't be scared of the whales, there usually harmless.shellfishIf you swim too deep you might see an octopus or squid that is the size of your school bus and might mistake you for food! To get ready for
your big sea adventure you'll need to look at these neat
websites so you'll know all about the ocean. purplefishSome of  these web sites will have great arts and crafts projects you can do and others will show you pictures of sharks and giant whales.They will give you all the information you will need to complete your mission.  3fish




1.  Have you ever wondered where Killer Whales go their name from? Did you know that Killer Whales have teeth and have been known to eat other whales. Do you want to more about Killer Whales and what they do and what they eat? Just click on whales to find out more fun and  exciting facts.
2.   Are you scared of sharks? Did you know that sharks don't have bones? Some sharks even live in our rivers and lakes! Better look out next time your at a lake! Sharks are considered fish, bet you didn't know that, huh! I you would like to see pictures of sharks and learn more.........come on!
3.    Dolphins are facinating animals. Dolphins are ranked as the most intelligent marine mammals. The Bottlenose dolphin is a  specific species of dolphin. This particular dolphin preferes warm tropical water. They are especially social and travels in packs.
4.    Do you want to hear a shark story? Do you want to hear about shark attacks? Do you want to hear about the real Jaws? If you answered yes to any of these questions you better stop right now and click on sharks!
5.  Have you ever heard of the Great White Shark? The Great White shark is white on the bottom and grey/blue on the top. Did you know that the Great White attacks from the bottom so the Great White appears almost invisible!
6.    If you wan to know everything about sea turtles then this is the site for you. Did you know that many turtles are endangered? This site tells you about thier feeding habbits to their reproductive charactoristics. Find out more about sea turtles- there's so much to learn!
7.   Do you want to learn all about octopuses? Have you ever seen one? Did you know that octopuses can make themselves camoflauge? On this site you can color your own picture of octopuses and the ocean and print them out! Sounds like fun!
8.  You know what a fish looks like, right?  Well now you get to make lots of cool fish arts and crafts! You can make paper plate fish, an ocean diorama,  a pop up shark card, and much, much, much more!
9.    Did you know that an eel can be electric? Did you know it can electricute you? On this site you can print our your own eel and label it!
10.   Come on in! Make some neat ocean crafts such as tissue paper fish and mobils! You can make these crafts at home or at school!




Pretend you have been in charge of electing a King or Queen of the Sea. You must pick a sea animal that you think would do the best job of being king or queen. You must first explore a variety of sea animals before deciding. You can go to the Enchanted Larning web site to browse through some animals.

Once you have choosen the King or Queen of the Sea you must then tell all the other animals in the sea why you choose the animal you did. Explain why your animal is better then any other animal. Draw a picture of the new King or Queen of the Sea.

Misson steps:

1 You must  first put on your diving gear and get ready to search the ocean.

2. Go to Enchanted Learning to search the vast ocean for different animals.

3.  Pick your animal and know why you choose it over any other sea animal.

4. In front of all the other sea animals give a speech on why you have choosen your animal to be the new King or Queen.

5. Draw a picture of the new King or Queen of the Sea using materials supplied.


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