What a Deal!
This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Altman's First Grade Class
at Lowndes County S.L. Mason School
By Maggie Tatum, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

Money, Money, Money! Kids do you love money? This website has interesting websites just for you. Learn saving tips, take virtual tours of the treasury building. Play interactive money games and even use $5000 to build a robot. You are guaranteed to learn and have fun at the same time!

Department of Treasury Kids' Page- Take a virtual tour of the treasury building, read about the dog of the month, play a few games about money, and more.
Savings Bonds- Are you ready to learn all about U.S. Savings Bonds? Let's get started!

PBS: Electronic Money- explore the history and transformation of money through the ages, from BC (before computers) to the e-money revolution.

Making Scents of Money- this ThinkQuest site talks about the history of money and banks and has some cool activities and trivia.

CAP First for Kids- learn about saving money on this First Union site. Try out their robot building game, a financial word search, or a savings calculator.

Money Central Station- Do You know whose face is on the five dollar bill? Learn facts about US money by playing cool games for kids of all ages.
Change Maker- Get as much money in your piggy bank as possible by figuring out the correct change.

Online Encyclopedia- Money- evolution, many ancient communities, for instance, took cattle as their standard of value but used more manageable objects as means of payment.

How to Make a Piggy Bank- use this helpful website to make a piggy bank of your own. Use this piggy bank at home to save allowance money.

Moneyopolis- interactive money game for kids of all ages.

Scenario Mission

Change Maker

Christmas is around the corner and the 
shopping days have just begun. Have you started 
saving up to buy your family that special gift? 
If you haven't you might want to get started! 

The student will learn how to give back correct change. 
On this site, students will be given a 
set amount of money.  They must decide which
coins they need to equal the correct amount 
of change to give back. If they are correct, 
the amount of money they give back will be put into a
piggy bank. After playing the game you will then 
need to draw a picture of the gift you
are going to get you family. You can pick 
to draw the gift for your father, mother, etc. 
It's your choice, just be creative and put your heart to it!

This way you can learn to save up your own money 
and when you are ready to shop for that special gift 
you will know how much you can 
spend on each gift and know what 
you are looking for. This way everyone is happy!

  Mission Steps

1.  First, click on the link Change Maker
2.  Next, read the introduction on the website.
3.  To begin the game, scroll down and choose a difficulty level.
4.  For you pick the easy level or medium level only.
5.  Then you will click the American flag for the USA currency.
6.  The interactive lesson Change Maker will soon begin.
7.  With your pencil and paper you are now ready to count the correct 
8.  Example: If the amount of sale is $0.65 and the amount paid is $0.80, 
     the correct change is $0.15.To get it right, you would put a 1 in the 
     $0.10 box and a 1 in the $0.05 box. You may also click once
     on the $0.10 coin and once on the $0.05 coin. And then click GO!
9.  After playing the game, you then will draw a picture of what the gift will 
     be for one of your family members.
10. Have fun and save a lot of money!

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