Hi, I am Maggie Tatum.  My Fall 2002 pre service teaching experience will be enriched by a great bunch of kids at S.L. Mason in Valdosta, Georgia. The faculty and staff of S.L. Mason recognize the unique needs and development levels of their students.  They believe each child has the right to a quality education in an atmosphere which is positive and caring.  Through the best means of instruction, students will become literate, self disciplined, independent, and confident.

Beneath the pines of Georgia, there stands a
wonderful school,
Where we once learned our basic skills and
many of life's rules.
To her we owe our gratitude...Our hearts will
always be true
To dear old S.L. Mason. We love you!
When we have gone through the trials of life
and face this world unafraid,
We'll think of "her" and what we were taught
back in those good old days.
We'll proudly tell our children of the school we
hold dear and true.
That school is S.L. Mason. We Love You!

I have been placed in Mrs. Altman's first grade class and I am excited to be with them this fall.  I know they will teach me a lot. They are all unique and special in their own way and I can't wait to learn more about them.  One interesting thing about S.L. Mason is that they are utilizing the parallel block schedule as a model for restructuring the distribution of school resources such as staff, space, and time, the student/teacher ratios during critical instructional periods of reading and math are reduced.  Through parallel block scheduling, teachers are able to be effective with all students and increase direct instruction time to meet the needs of small groups in math and reading.


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