This  Integrating Technology eBook was designed & developed
for Ms. Jackson's 8th Grade Physical Science Classes at
Camden Middle School.

                                                                                                                             Ms.  Jackson's Cockatiel "Java"   
Energy is always transferred  from warmer temperatures to cooler temperatures.  Although we often think of our sun when we think of radiant energy, small creatures such as this cockatiel also radiate energy in the form of radiant heat.  If we were to see an infrared picture, we would see the greatest amount of heat escapes from his body through his eyes as they are the least insulated...the heat leaves his body, and moves outward  to the air surrounding him which is cooler than the core area of his body.  Hot always chases cold!

Standard S8P2:  Students will be familiar with the forms and transformations of energy.
d.  Describe how heat can be transferred through matter by the collisions of atoms (conduction) or through space (radiation).  In a liquid or gas, currents will facilitate the transfer of heat (convection).
Students will understand the three ways in which heat is transferred:  conduction, radiation, and convection.

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