Fall Into Thanksgiving
This Topic Mini-Research & Literature Web Page was developed for Ms. Becky's Pre-K Class at Cook County Pre-K
Designed By Miss Meagan Hinton, a Valdosta Preservice Teacher

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Thanksgiving is a great time of the year for family and friends.  What do you know about Thanksgiving? Visit The Thanksgiving Story to learn more!

What type of food did the Pilgrims and Indians eat for the BIG Thanksgiving feast? The Thanksgiving Feast Slideshow explains it all. Lets check it out!

What did the Pilgrims Wear? Let's find out by looking at this cool website called Pilgrim Clothing.


What's so cool about the Turkey?? Let's find out on Animal Facts: Turkey!

Mini-Research Real-World Activity
Let's pretend that we are Pilgrims and this Thanksgiving is our first Thanksgiving in America. We have to plan the best feast for our family and friends. Use The Thanksgiving Feast Slideshow will help you decide what you would like to eat for Thanksgiving. Then draw and color your meal on a paper plate.

Steps for Real-World Activity
1. Visit The Thanksgiving Feast Slideshow  website.
2.Learn about the types of food they prepared for the feast.
3. Decide on what foods you liked the best and would want to eat for Thanksgiving.
4. On the paper plate provided, draw, color, and label the foods you would like to eat with your family and friends.

Topic Literature Activity
Thanksgiving Day
By Anne Rockwell Pictures by Lizzy Rockwell


Topic Literature Activity
Using Critical Thinking Questions

    A.  gi Visit the Thanksgiving Story website                             to review about Thanksgiving.

  B. Critical Thinking Questions
       1. If you were one of the students in the story,                which character would you be in the play and            why?
       2. What new and exciting facts did you learn                    about Thanksgiving?


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