Dive into the Deep Sea of Learning
Designed by Meagan Hinton

Dive into sea

Hi, my name is Meagan Hinton. I am 21 years old and from Newnan, Georgia.  My major is Early Childhood Education and I am currently in my first professional block at Valdosta State University. My expected graduation date is Fall 2007. I am very excited about becoming an educator and making a positive impact in children's lives.


Whenever I have free time I love to do a lot of things.  I love to listen to music, read, shop, watch sports, and most of all be around children.  I think I love to shop almost as much as children. My favorite place to shop is Banana Republic.

My family and I love to travel.  We have visited many places. Some of them have been for fun and others for educational purposes. I love the beach and being outside in tropical weather. The prettiest and most relaxing place I've traveled to is the beautiful state of Hawaii.

In my opinion, teaching is the most important career. It is my goal to teach students and help them to learn to their fullest potential. I believe that all students will learn and become influential citizens in our society. Two websites that I find helpful to teachers are Scholastic and Education World.

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