A is for Alphabet!
This Topic Mini-Research & Literature Web Page
was developed for Mrs. Porter's Kindergarten Class at Hahira Elementary School
Designed By Megan Everson, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

teacher at balckboard with ABCs

alphabet music
Music is a great way to help us memorize things that are we want to learn. Did you know that learning the Alphabet Song can help you become a pro at your recognizing and writing your ABCs?! Can you sing the alphabet song?
moose standing in water
Learning about animals can help us learn the letters of the alphabet too! There are lots of cool animals in Yellowstone National Park that are really excited about helping you learn the letters of the alphabet. Travel with me as we learn facts about these wild animals and practice our letters! Which animal is your favorite?
letter Iuppercase and lowercase Aletter K
letter Zletter Rletter E
letter Mletter Jletter F
Uppercase and lowercase letters are both very important! We use uppercase letters for special words like our names and at the beginning of sentences. We use lowercase letters to finish the rest of our words. Trace these letters and practice saying their sounds with the             Lil' Fingers Storybook that is just for kids!
alphabet puzzle
Games can be fun and help you learn!
ABC Match-Up tests your memory. Click on a letter and identify it. Then click on another letter. Do the two letters match up? If they don't try again until you find a match! Try to remember where to find the letters you clicked on again so you can match a pair! GOOD LUCK!!

Mini-Research Real-World Activity
Mr. Alpha of the Alphabet Children's Book Corporation (ACBC) wants to publish a new book for children about animals and the letters that their names start with. There is a huge problem though! The names, letters, and pictures of Mr. Alpha's animals are all mixed-up!! Imagine that you are Mr. Alpha's editors because he needs YOUR help rewriting his book with the proper letters and animals. Pick your favorite animal and draw a picture of it. Write the uppercase and lowercase letter that the animal begins with beside the picture of your animal. We will decorate all of our pictures and put them together to make Mr. Alpha's book a wonderful book for all children to enjoy!               It will be a success!
Steps for Real-World Activity
1. I have a few websites to give you some ideas of animals to draw. Try visiting: Bembo's Zoo, Alphabet Animals, or the Yellowstone National Park site.

2.  While you are visiting each website look carefully at the pictures of the animals and decide which one you want to draw. Remember which letter the animal's name begins with!

3. Draw a picture of your animal. Ask a teacher to help you decorate your picture with glitter if you like.

4. What is your animal called? Write the matching uppercase and lowercase letters of the beginning letter of that animal's name beside the picture of your animal. For example if you draw a camel, write Cc beside your picture!

5. Congratulations! You have just helped Mr. Alpha rewrite his book! His book is a success because you know your alphabet letters!

Amazing Alphabet Letters!
A, My Name Is...
Alice Lyne
alligator jumping rope

Topic Literature Activity
Using Critical Thinking Questions

A.  Do your parents like to help you with your schoolwork? This website was made by a father for his son to help him learn the alphabet! Let's see if it will help you learn some words and animals that begin with the letters of the alphabet.                               
A is for ape  CLICK HERE! These are the letters of the alphabet!

B.  Critical Thinking Questions
1.  Give your own "My name is..." rhyme using the first letter of your name?

2. What would your rhyme sound like if you were your pet or your brother or sister?                                            

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