A Garden of Learning
Designed by: Maggie Cheek

Pink Garden

Hello! My name is Margaret Louise Cheek, but I prefer that you call me Maggie. I am an Early Childhood Education major at Valdosta State University. I just started my junior year and this is my first professional semester. This semester I will be focusing on how to teach in Pre-K and Kindergarten classrooms. I hope to teach Kindergarten one day, but I enjoy working with all age groups. I chose to give my page a garden theme because I love flowers, my favorite is  the sunflower. I think that growing a garden is in some ways like teaching a classroom. Just like a gardner must nurture the tiny seeds so that they may one day grow into flowers, a teacher must nurture the student with knowledge so that the students will grow. Then just as the flower grows up and spreads its seeds, the child will spread the knowledge they learn in the classroom with the outside world, so that it is a never ending process.

I attend an amazing church here in Valdosta called Crosspoint Church. I love it so much, I actually work in the nursery there every Tuesday night while the Women have their Bible study. I enjoy going to church there very much, it has made my relationship with God even stronger. Click on Crosspointe Church to find out more about it!

ABCTeach is a website I think will be very useful to parents and to teachers. It has a multitude of activities for ages Pre-K all the way up to middle school. These will be useful for teachers to use in the classroom to help teach the materials, or for parents who would like their children to work at home. Another website I found is Getting Ready to Read This website has various educational actvities that will help parents prepare their children for school. It also has many great ideas for teachers! Click on the links to check out these awesome websites!

This is a picture of me,
with my favorite flower

My best friencs, Kara and Josh, and I
My two best friends,
Kara and Josh, and I.

Me with my boyfriend, sister, and our friends Kim and Shelby at a sunflower garden
My sister, some friends, and
I at a sunflower garden.

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