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Cumberland Academy of Georgia

Cumberland Academy of Georgia is a small, private special needs school whose mission is to help struggling students find a safe, supportive, educational environment in which they can reach their full potential. They school started in 2007 with only three students and is now at sixty students and growing! Cumberland teaches to students who are in fourth through twelfth grade. The School is located in Sandy Springs near the Sandy Springs Library and Roswell Road.

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A Little About Myself

                My name is Mary Kennedy and I am originally from Corning, New York.  I moved down to Georgia to go to Berry College where I got my Bachelors Degree in Art History.  I eventually found my way into teaching and I have just finished my fifth year.  I am going to get married in November 2012 to my wonderful fiancee, Matt.  He is a teacher too but he teaches math to high school students.  We have one cat Josephine, who I named after Josephine Bonaparte.  I enjoy spending my free time reading Young Adult novels and going to Braves Games.

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Geography Class

                 This is a two -year course, in which, the students are introduced to the world outside of the United States.  Students in this course will be actively involved in learning about cultural and physical geography.  Students will master reading a map and be able to accurately use latitude and longitude to determine location.  Students have access to their textbook through an online site.

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Student Resources for Middle School Geography

National Geographic
Wonderful website with lots of different features!  Students can look up information about different countries and cultures.
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Mr. Donn's Geography Sites
This is a site about Medieval Europe and has lots of resources for kids.

Students can log in and email students from around the world.

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Sheppard Software

This website has helpful map games on it.  Students can use it to study for map quizzes.
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Ebook Website
LiveText Portfolio
Georgia ONmyLINE