Three Little Pigs
This Page was designed for Mrs. Gardner's Pre-K class at Headstart (Lowndes I)
by Matt Tindall, a Valdosta State University PreService Teacher

 1. This is web site that contains a great re-telling of the classic tale.

2. Thomas Alberict, a fourth grader is the author of this re-telling from  the Wolf'spoint-of-view.

3.  Andrew L., 5th Grade, Mr. Sellereit's Class, wrote about P.E. Wolf and the "real story" of the Three Little Pigs.

4. This is the re-telling of the Three Little Pigs from China.  Written by John I. Yam.

5. Story of the Three Little Pigs from an English setting with two different forms.

6. This site contains an excellent retelling of the Three Little Pigs including beautiful illustrations.

7. This web site contains a downloadable game that interacts the Loony Tunes characters with characters of Mother Goose, including the Three Little Pigs.

8. Interactive play involving dogs and cats playing the parts of the Three Little Pigs and the Wolf.

9. This site contains great illustrations by D.J. Neary.

10. This is a more traditional version of the Three Little Pigs that involves the mother pig.

"Draw The Pigs Houses"
Scenario Activity
Draw The Three Little Pigs Houses
There is a house made of straw, a house made of sticks, and a house made of brick.  Imagine that you are one of the Three Little Pigs.  Draw each of the three houses: one of hay, one of sticks, and one of bricks.  Based on the story, which house is the strongest?  Especially to keep the Wolf out!!!  This is a site that tells the story of the Three Little Pigs and describes the three houses.   
For more information see my topic lesson plan.

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