The Cat in the Hat
Wrtitten and Illustrated by
Dr. Suess

      It was cold and raining outside as Sally and her brother sat in front of a window.  They were unable to go outside and play ball, so all they did was sit!  Sit!  Sit!  All of a sudden they heard a bump and the Cat in the Hat appeared.

    The Cat in the Hat entertains the two children with a balancing act and Thing No. 1 and Thing No. 2 from his Fun-In-A-Box.  At first Thing No. 1 and No. 2 are amusing and harmless, until they run around with kites in the air.  As they run wild they knock over furniture and make a mess.

    In the end, the cat places Thing No. 1 and No. 2 back into the Fun-In-A-Box leaving the house a mess.  "Have no fear of this mess," said the Cat in the Hat.  "I always pick up all my playthings."

    The Cat in the Hat is entertaining and creates a fantasy for children to remember when they are left alone.  It sets an example for children when the Cat in the Hat cleans up after himself.  This example can be used to illustrate responsibility to students.

Dr. Seuss Books

    If you were the Cat in the Hat, what would you keep in the Fun-In-A-Box?

    After you finished having fun and playing, would you make sure to clean up after yourself?

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