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Hi and thank you for visiting my web site!  My name is Mike Phillips and I am a Junior at Valdosta State  University.  I am majoring in Early Childhood Education and plan on graduating in about two years.  I come from a military family, so I had the pleasure of bouncing around from continent to continent throughout school.  I claim to have been a world traveler by the time I was the age of 12.   

    I spent half my life in Bad Aibling, Germany, and the other half scattered along the East Coast.  After high school, I shocked everyone in my family when I announced that I was joining the  Air Force.   Once my time in service was up, I decided to move down to Georgia to stay close to family while I finished college.  My mother lives in Thomson, GA which is located 20 miles west of Augusta.  My hobbies include mountain bike riding, white water rafting, and hanging out with friends.  My favorite college football team is Penn State.



Bad Aibling, Germany

Penn State University

 White Water Rafting


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