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  With Good Oral Hygiene!

This TopicQuest was designed for Ms. Minson's Kindergarten Class at W. G. Nunn Elementary School by Marissa J. Melton, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

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We use our teeth for so many things! We need them to bite and chew food,  smile and speak clearly. Keeping a healthy set of teeth takes a lot of work. Eating healthy foods, brushing, flossing, and visiting our dentist are all  great ways to maintain a beautiful smile.  In our lifetime, we only get one chance to care for our teeth. Practicing good oral hygiene could mean the difference between a bright, white smile or a not-so-healthy frown. Learning about oral hygiene can be tons of toothy fun!  Let's find out how to take care of our teeth.

Remember: Be true to your teeth, or they will be false to you!!!
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1. Brushing teeth the right way is very important. Doing it wrong can lead to all sorts of problems. Do you know the proper way to brush your teeth? Click here to find out how to brush your teeth correctly and practice brushing the right way.
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2. Dentists and Dental Hygienists help us keep our teeth in tip-top shape. They teach us how to take care of the one set of teeth we have. How often should you visit your dentist and dental hygienist? Check out this web site to find out when you should go to see your dentist.
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3.  The foods we eat play an important role in the health of our teeth. Junk food such as candy, sweets, and soda causes plaque build-up and cavities. So, what foods are good for our teeth? This matching game will tell us what foods build strong teeth.
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4.  What's in your mouth? Teeth of course! But did you know that there is more in your mouth than just teeth? Let's find out what else is "down in the mouth."
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5. No one wants a cavity! What exactly is a cavity and how do you keep from getting them? This web site tells you all that and more.
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6. Everyone looses their baby teeth. When a tooth comes out, some children put it under their pillow for the Tooth Fairy. Have you ever put your tooth under a pillow for the tooth fairy? If so, what happened ? Read this poem about the Tooth Fairy to find out what happens to the tooth.
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7.  Have you ever wondered how many teeth you are supposed to have? Do you know the difference between baby teeth and permanent teeth? Let's find the answers to these mysterious questions.
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8. Flossing is a major part of oral hygiene. Flossing gets food and other junk from in between teeth. Do you floss? If so, how often? This cool site gives step by step instructions on how to become the "boss of floss."
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9. Your teeth are pretty hard. If they weren't, you wouldn't be able to chew very hard or touch substances. Want to know what makes your teeth so hard? This online article gives many facts about the "hard stuff" teeth are made of.
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10. Have you ever thought about what people used to brush their teeth with before toothpaste was invented? Check out this website to find out what was used before great tasting toothpaste.

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Scenario Mission
Let's pretend that you just pulled your tooth. You're excited because tonight the tooth is going under your pillow for the Tooth Fairy to collect. She collects hundreds of teeth every night. Some teeth are strong and white. Other teeth are full of cavities and plaque. The Tooth Fairy comes to get your tooth and finds a beautiful, shiny, healthy tooth.  The Tooth Fairy needs your help badly. She leaves a note asking you to help her tell other children how to take care of their teeth just like you do. She asks you to write a poem describing the things you do to keep your teeth healthy. At the bottom of the note, the Tooth Fairy requests a picture of the tooth you pulled as an example to show other children with not so healthy teeth. Make a list of good oral hygiene habits and then draw a picture of your beautiful tooth.

Mission Steps

1. With teacher guidance, visit the two sites on  preventing
     cavities and the poem about the Tooth Fairy.

2. Write a short poem about your good oral hygiene habits and         then draw a picture of your healthy tooth.

3. Discuss with teacher and group the importance of good oral            hygiene and what you would tell other children about  taking        care of their teeth.

4. Turn in your poem and picture to the teacher for publication
    on the internet.

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