Madeline's Rescue
Paint Picture and Page Designed by Marissa J. Melton

Madeline's Rescue
By Ludwig Bemelmans

Madeline's Rescue

In an old house in Paris, France lived twelve little girls. The smallest of the little girls was Madeline. Although small, Madeline was full of courage and was not afraid of anything. Miss Clavel was the lady that cared for all twelve of the girls. Of course, courageous Madeline always found a way to scare the daylights out of Miss Clavel. One day while Miss Clavel and the twelve girls were out, Madeline was playing dangerously and slipped and fell right off  a bridge into the water below. She almost drowned, but was saved by a very brave dog. After being rescued, Madeline learned a valuable lesson--she should listen to Miss Clavel. The smart dog returned home with the girls. All twelve of them fought over where the dog would sleep that night.  The girls taught the dog tricks and took very good care of him. They named it Genevieve. Genevieve became a regular part of the family.

Months passed, and soon the snow began to fall. It was in the month of May that the girls and Miss Genevieve became nervous. They were nervous because around this time the Trustees came for the annual inspection.  When the trustees arrived they performed a very thorough inspection. During the inspection, the president of the board of trustees, Lord Cucuface,  found Genevieve. He said that there was a rule that "DOGS AREN'T ALLOWED IN SCHOOL!" Immediately he threw the Genevieve out. The girls and Miss Clavel were very sad. They decided to take a walk through the city and look for Genevieve.

Everyone searched all over to find Genevieve, but she was not found. Hours later, the girls and Miss Clavel returned home broken-hearted. That night when everyone was in bed, Miss Clavel heard something outside of her window. She got up, went outside, and found Miss Genevieve under the street lamp. They rejoiced and fed Genevieve and everybody returned to bed. Once again the girls fought over where Genevieve would sleep that night. Miss Clavel got up again and warned the twelve little girls that if they fought over Genevieve again she would have to leave. Shortly after returning to bed, Miss Clavel rose again for the third time. To her surprise, she found Genevieve with a litter of puppies. Now, there were enough dogs for each girl to have her own.

Madeline's Rescue, is a story of 
adventure, old friends, new friends, and new beginnings.

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