Leaping With Knowledge
This TopicQuest was designed for 3rd grade students.
By Marti McLoon at Valdosta State University, a Preservice Teacher

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Have you ever walked out into your yard and saw a frog?  Have you ever wondered about the lifecycle of a frog or wheather they are poisonous?  You can find the answers to these frog questions and much more by visiting the links below


 You can go to this website to find out all about the life cycle that a frog goes through. It starts with "birth" and goes through adulthood.
This website will let you explore all about frogs.  Just scroll down the page and read about the different things that make a frog a frog.
This page will explain the different shapes of the eyes of frogs.  It may suprise you how many shapes there are.
eye frog
Did you know that some frogs are poisonous?  Go to this page and see the most poisonous frog in the world.
rock frog
Do you know what a frog sounds like and looks like as it croaks?  Go to this page and click on the different types of frogs to hear that type of frog croak.
smart frog
This site will have you croaking with information about frogs.  Visit the Britannica Encyclopedia.

jump frog


Imagine that you are a great scientist who has done a lot of research about frogs.  National Geographic needs your help to make a new brochure showing some of the most important frogs in the world, such as the most poisonous, smallest, and largest.  You will have to include on the brochure pictures or drawings of the frogs and at least one sentence telling what is special about each frog.  Go to the Internet site provided to obtain the information you need to complete your brochure.

Mission Steps
  1. Go to this website to find out about the frogs that are needed for the brouchure.
  2. Ask your teacher for the materials to draw your cool brochure.
  3. Fold your paper into three sections so that each frog has a section.
  4. Draw the frogs and write the facts about them on your brochure.
  5. Give your teacher your finished brochure to put on the Internet.

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