Coach Flake's Math Class

Mathematics is a KEY to SUCCESS!

Welcome Everyone to Coach Flake's Math Classroom. I hope you are as excited as I to continue the mathematic's learning process.  Woodland High School is 5 years old and is located in Stockbridge, Georgia. Stockbridge is also home to Panola Mountain state conservation park, which is great for picnicking and hiking. Our School is located in Henry county, which is considered a suburb of metro Atlanta.

Meet Coach Flake

I have been teaching Math and Special Education at Woodland for 4 years and have been teaching a total of 5. I enjoy living only 3 miles from the school, so I can be a visible part of the school community. I have been happily married for 16 years and have two beautiful daughters attending Woodland Middle school. I am the Head ninth grade Football coach and assist with Varsity on Friday nights. Teaching and Coaching are two full time jobs, but I have found none so rewarding. Prior to teaching, I was a small business owner for 15 years in Atlanta and served honorably in the Marines.

I currently co-teach Math I to Freshman, Math II to Sophomores, and Georgia High School Graduation Test Prep to Juniors. I have a year long calendar to inform both parents and students of current assignments, upcoming tests, etc. I am highly qualified to teach both Math and Special Education in the state of Georgia. My classroom is always very busy and I make myself very approachable for students.

Info will be added on the following links for the new school year.


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Purple Math has excellent examples
and explanations of Algebra concepts
and beginning Trigonometry

USA Test Prep offers online lessons
and practice quizzes and tests for students
wanting to improve their scores on the
Georgia High School Graduation Test

USA Test Prep

Carnegie Learning offers an excellent online
tutoring program for high school students
with many examples and problems for
students to work out and check.

Carnegie Learning

Dr. Math demonstrates many math concepts
with tons of links and even offers free tutoring.
Dr. Math