Welcome to Mr. Hayes' Space Place
This TopicQuest was designed for Ms. Sauls' Kindergarten Class at Clyattville Elementary School by Michael Hayes, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher.

the planets

This page introduces us to our solar system and the things that are in it.  All the planets circle the Sun.  Even we on Earth are circling the sun right now.  Including Earth, there are nine planets circling the Sun.  This page will introduce us to the Sun and the planets of our Solar System.

This website is NASA's website for kids.  Everything here is made for kids to explore and learn about space.
This site is about our solar system and presents the planets in a view of how they might look as people.  Each planet has its own link to a page.  Take a Look!
space girl
HHow would you like to learn more about our solar system?  This site might be just the one for you.  This site offers kids a chance to see different parts of the solar system.
solar system
This Star Child site explores all the parts of the solar system.  It has great links to information about the different parts of the solar system.
This Kids Astronomy page provides an excellent link to many facts about Earth.  Each part of this page offers a new insight into our planet Earth.
This Kids Astronomy page is all about the moon.  How does the moon affect the Earth?  Find out here.
shutttle takeoff
Did you know that sometimes the Earth is called the Water Planet?  Why would that be.  Check out this StarChild website to discover why.
This Fact Monster page gives us very useful information about our moon.  If you plan to watch our moon anytime soon this may be an excellent site for you.
This Science page at Fact Monster if full of pages about the stars and the planets.  This site offers numerous useful pages of information.
This page from World Almanac for Kids offers many aspects of the solar system.  It also includes the parts that make up our system.

Exploration Mission
Congratulations!!! Your the world's youngest Astronaut.  Because of such an honor you are going on a special mission to a planet of your choosing.  Your Mission is to land on this very useful page that will guide you in discovering things about a planet of your choice.

Mission Steps
1.  You will successfully navigate to the Planets using this link, PLANETS, and choose your mission planet.
2. After choosing the planet veiw all you can about the exterior of this planet.
3.  On your data recorder, crayons and paper, draw for us an image of what you might see.
4.  Return from your exploration.

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