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When you work on the internet at school or at home there are certain rules you need to follow.  What kind of rules do you think one should follow when using the Internet?  Discover all the proper procedures for working on the Internet

Did you know that there are tiny organsims that you can't see all around you?  Some of these are on our hands and the food we eat.  Your job is to  become a food detective and look into this mystery.

Did you know that there is a bear who works as a firefighter?  Take a walk in to the forest to see if you can find him.  Learn proper procedures for getiing out of a burning building.

Did you know that the are areas around a school bus that aren't considered safe. Learn the safety zones and safety rules for the school bus stop.

Mini-Research Real-World Activity
Pretend you are a safety patrol officer from the local police department.  You are responsible for teaching safety issues to local school children.  First you must go to research the safety issues that young children face at school and at the bus stop.  The principal of the school has asked that you come up with a list of safety rules for the children to follow.  Once you decide on the rules, you need to make a list that will be distributed to all the students in the school.

Steps For Real-World Activity
1. First go to the web sites school & bus stop safety and internet safety to find out what some of the safety issues are.
2.Take notes so that you can correctly put the safety procedures on your handout.
3. Use markers and a piece of white card stock to make your list.
4. Number your safety rules and state the rule beside the number (Only 3-5 rules are needed).
5. Once you have finished making the list draw a picture of one of the safety issues you addressed in your handout.
6. When the final draft of the handout is completed please turn in to your editor for publication.

Topic Literature Activity


By: Peggy Rathmann

Topic Literature Activity
Using Critical Thinking Questions

1.  If you could choose any kind of pet to own which one would you choose and why?

2.. Why do you think Officer Buckle got so upset after he watched the evening news show?


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