Thanks for Thanksgiving

This TopicQuest was designed for Ms. Graham's 1st and 2nd grade class at Garrison Pilcher Elementary School
Designed by Michael Willis, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

turkey eat me

pilgrim clothing

The clothes we wear today aren't anything like what the pilgrims wore.  The women wore clothes like the woman has on in the picture. 

Would you like to know what the definition of Thanksgiving is?  One click on the books and you will know!
What are a few traditions on Thanksgiving?  What is celebrated?
history thanksgiving
How about some history behind Thanksgiving?  Find out why we eat so much food in November.
The Pilgrims came over in a ship called The Mayflower.  It was a big ship with big sails on it. 
turkey fun
Can you find your way to the end of the turkey maze?
Would you like to hear some Turkey Tales?

This site will give you some fun Thanksgiving activities

table of food

Mission Activity

Have you ever wanted to sail on a big boat?  If so, today is your chance!  You are going to pretend you are the captain of the Mayflower.   Your classmates are going to be your passengers.  You get to describe the big ship to the class and make a list for them what items they will need to take with them on this trip.  I know the passengers will worry how they are going to get to the new world so  you will have to draw out a map showing where you're going.

If you click on some of the TopicQuest sites, you can learn some more interesting facts about Thanksgiving.

Mission Activity Steps

1.  Talk about having heard of the Mayflower.

2.  Explore the Mayflower with your teacher for information on items and maps.
3.  List items needed to take with them on the ship.

4.  Draw the map of where the ship is going.

5.  Give the list and drawing to teacher to scan and publish to go on Internet.


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