Fishing For Students
Designed by Michael Willis

trout biting

    At the current time, I am attending Valdosta State Univiersity.  My main focus is Special Education.  I am majoring in the Interrelated Early Childhood program. I am from Thomasville, Ga.  I live on a plantation there and I do a lot of hunting and fishing there so that's why this page is so fishy.

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    I really like to spend a lot of my spare time in Panacea, FL.  My dad has a little house there.  That is our weekend house.  I love to take the boat down there and go saltwater fishing
cruise ship
When I was younger, I went on a cruise and visited the Bahamas.  We went to two different towns.  One was Freeport and the other was Nassau.  I've also been another great place.  An important place in our country.  That was Washington, D.C.  I went on a class trip and we visited many important places.  We visited the Capital, the Lincoln Memorial, Arlington Cemetary, and the White House. 

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