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Syllabi, Lecture Outlines, and Other Materials



World Regional Geography (GEOG 1102):


    →    Syllabus: Section A 


           (Note: Copies of your textbook are on reserve at Odum Library.)


    →    PowerPoint Lecture Outlines:


            Introduction, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia


            (Tip: Print lectures out as "hand-outs", with three slides on each page.)


    →    Documentaries & Materials:


            The Eleventh Hour, Inequality for All (password: "bernie2016")

            Plan Colombia / Trinkets and Beads (Trailer only)

            Why We Fight & War Made Easy

            Palestine Is Still The Issue

            Peace, Propaganda & the Promised Land

            Islam: Empire of Faith

            Globalization: New Rulers of the World

            Vietnam and Agent Orange

            Jimmy Carter's View on Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

            The 50 Years Conflict: Israel and the Arabs

            George Galloway vs. US Senate (5-17-05)

            MLK: "Why I am opposed to the War in Vietnam"

            Spread of Religion, Human Migration, Spread of European Languages


    →    Place Name Lists


    →    Maps: Latin America, Europe, Middle East, South & Southeast Asia


    →    Final Exam:


            → Section A: Friday, June 3:00 - 5:00 PM, 2075 Nevins Hall


            → Studying for your exams? (Sample questions from past exams.)


            → What do you need on your exams to get what final grade?



Extra Materials:

Outfoxed, Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price, Memorial Day, Eating,

photo projects, Collateral ?, Glenn Beck, Fox News, plate tectonics,

Sandstorm in Saudi Arabia, Cultural Difference, Scriptures, I vs. C

LH Radio on Guns, End of America (Naomi Wolf), Christian Paradox,

The Price of Silence, Hey World - Don't Give Up, Beautiful Occupation

Pictures of the Tsunami near Fukushima, The Dictator on Democracy,

German language compared to other languages, Do You Speak American (Episode 2),

Who Sounds Gay?, 5-Minute-History-of Syria's-War & ISIS, Reza Aslan on the Islam

US Navy vs. Lighthouse, I am NOT black, hoodie, substitute teacher, Higher Ground















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