The Velveteen Rabbit
Author: Margery Williams
Page Designed by: Mary Schuster

rabbit in stocking

    One Christmas a boy got a stuffed Velveteen Rabbit in his stocking.  He liked it but played with the other gifts more.  The boy forgot about the rabbit.  The rabbit was very sad.  The horse told the rabbit that a toy becomes real when a child loves it. The rabbit wanted to be real.
    One night the boy couldn't find his favorite toy so he slept with the rabbit.  The rabbit became his favorite toy.  They did everything together.  The boy loved the rabbit very much.
    The boy became very sick.  The doctor said that all of his toys had to been thrown away.  The rabbit and all the others toy were taken outside to the trash.  The rabbit was crying he missed the boy.  A fairy appeared and made the rabbit real.  Later the real rabbit went back the see the boy playing in the woods.

Critical Thinking Questions
1.  If you were the Velveteen Rabbit how would you feel when the boy got sick?
2.  What types of toys or stuffed animals do you have that you spend lots of time playing with and really love?

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