If You Give a Mouse a Cookie
By Laura Joffe Numeroff
Picture and Story Designed by Mandy Ward

If you give a mouse a cookie

This book is about a small mouse in blue overalls that meets a little dark-headed boy.  The boy sees a mouse walk by and offers the tiny mouse a chocolate chip cookie. 

Once the mouse takes the cookie, he begins to ask for milk, and then a straw, and
then . . .  Until then mouse has messed up the entire house. 

After the mouse has messed up the entire house, he begins to clean up.  After the mouse cleans up, he is tired and wants to take a nap.  What do you think he will do after he takes a nap?

Critical Thinking Questions
*If you were the mouse, what would you ask for after you had some cookies and milk?

*What do you think will happen after the boy gives the mouse something more to drink?

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