The Wonderful Wonders of Spring
This TopicQuest was designed for Ms. Brandy Cook's Kindergarten Class
at Satilla Elementary
by Mary Jo Evans,
 a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher.


Spring is a wonderful time of the year.  The weather starts changing, beautiful flowers start blooming, and great holidays come.  Have you ever wondered what time of the year Spring is?  Have you ever wondered what flowers bloom in the spring and what insects come out in the spring?  Below are some websites that you can go to for information about these questions.  Click on the pictures and they will take you to the sites.

purple daisy
Springtime brings many new things to our world.  Can you name something that you see is different in the Spring than in the Winter?  One of the most noticeable is the different flowers that begin to bloom. This website tells about different flowers that bloom in the Spring. 
Spring Has Sprung
Have you ever wandered what Spring is?  What about when Spring starts?   This is a cool website that gives a lot of information about Spring, including the answers to the questions above.
April Showers
Have you ever seen a tornado or wandered how they are formed?  April showers bring May flowers is a saying that many people know.  This website tells about the weather during Spring. It also tells about how thunderstorms build and how tornados form. 

Water pale
Planting flowers during the Spring is a fun thing to do, but you have to know how to plant them for them to grow.  Here is a neat website on planting flowers.  It gives great insights on planting a garden.
bunny and egg
Do you know what holidays are in the Spring?  One of my favorite is Easter because the Easter Bunny comes.  Here is a cool website about Easter.

I Love You Heart
Mother's day is also during the Spring.  We have Mother's Day to show our mothers how much we appreciate them and love them.  This is a neat Mother's Day site to visit.

Four Leaf CLover
Another special holiday we celebrate is St. Patrick's Day.  Do you know why we celebrate this holiday?  Click on the picture to find out it's history.

During the Spring many new insects come out.  One of them is the butterfly.  Spring butterflies are beautiful.  This site has information on butterflies and activites that you can do with butterflies.

Flying bird
Birds chirping is one distinct sound heard in the Spring.  This website gives information on birds and characteristics about them.

Earth Day
Earth Day is a very special day during the Spring.  Many people devote their time to the earth, trying to clean it up on this day.  This website has interesting facts about Earth Day and activities you can do on Earth Day.

You want to surprise your mother on Mother's Day by making her a flower out of popsicle sticks and colored tissue paper.  Before doing this though, you will check out a cool gardening website about planting a garden, so you can help your mother when she plants a garden.  Click on the picture below and it will take you to a website about planting gardens.
Kitten holding a flower

Mission Steps
1.  Start by researching the website to get the basics on planting a flower garden.
2.  Using colored tissue paper, make the blossom of the flower.
3.  Using a popsicle stick as the stem, color it green and then staple the tissue paper to the top of it.
4.  Fluff the tissue paper making it look like a flower with a stem.
5.  Give it to your mother on Mother's Day with a great big smile on your face and tell your mother that you love her.
  6. Use the information you learned on the website to help your mother plant a flower garden.
7. Draw a picture of the flower garden that you will help your mother plant.

spring house

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