No Nap
Author Eve Bunting
Story and Picture by Mary Jo Evans

No Map Paint Picture

    This book is about a little girl named Susie.  Susie needs to take a nap but the dad cannot make her do it.  He tries everything to get her sleepy but nothing works. 
    Susie's dad takes a walk with her and when they get back, she is still not tired.  He tries exercising with her and dancing with her but she still does not get sleepy.  He even plays dress up with her and reads her favorite bedtime story but Susie still does not get sleepy.
    Finally, Susie's dad tells Susie that he will lay down with her.  She agrees to lay down.  When they lay down, Susie looks at her dad and he is asleep. 

Critical Thinking Questions
1.  If you had to make someone take a nap, what would you do?
2.  If you were in Susie's situation, how would you act if someone made you take a nap and you weren't sleepy?

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