Please Visit Some of My Favorite Links

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Fun Page World
This is a website that has a lot of jokes on it. 
I like it because they e-mail me jokes everyday.

Kid Stuff
This page has little children's writings on it.
I think that it is a good web page for teachers.

Valdosta Daily Times
The Valdosta Daily Times is a good website also.  I like to look
at the classifieds and catch some news if I do not get to see the real newspaper.

Kazaa is a great website to download
music and to actually watch a music video.

Early County Schools
This is the website that shows the elementary, middle, and
high school that I went to in my home town.

Freddie Sirmans, Sr.
This website lets you read great books concerning the
future of America.

Feel Good Pages
This is another website that has different jokes and poems
in it.  They are cute to read especially if you are having a bad day!!
It will make you day a whole lot better!! Hope you enjoy!