Counting Chickens After
They Hatch
This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Hudson's Kindergarten Class at W.G. Nunn Elementary School
By Melissa Harris, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

Cool Chicken

Have you ever tried to count chickens?  Did you know that it is better to count your chickens after they hatch?  Well, then I am glad that I told you this!  We can count chickens and baby chicks, that is if you want to!  This webpage has been made just for you so that you can count your chickens after they hatch!  Take a look at the links below and you too can begin counting chickens!

Toy chicken

Family of Chickens

Would you like to count chickens?  Well get ready because here you go!  Just click right
here and have a chicken fit!

Walking Chicken

Here is a cool site.  You can do all sorts of things.  There is a number game
that you will love!  Count away! 

Chucky CHicken

Would you like to explore a place full of fun, well it is just one click away!  You can learn many things about math and counting!  Just click the link above and let the exploration begin!

Dancing Chicken

Here you go kids.  You to can count many different things.  Are you ready?  All you have to do is count in your head and check your answer! 

Skinny Chicken

Would you like to learn about numerous farm animals including chickens, horses and goats,oh my?  Then click right here

White Chicken

Do you want to count some more chickens?  You certainly can!  Get ready because you are going ot have a bitty of a time!

                                                                               LIttle BItties                                        Cartoon Chicken

Mission Activity

family of chickens

Would you like to take a trip to a farm?  I hope so because we need your help.  We have many eggs that are about hatch, and we do not have enough help counting them.  Now that you know how to count so many things, you are perfect for the job.  But before we begin, I need to know that you know how to count.  Here is what you can do.  Click right here, and you can brush up on your counting skills.  That way I know that you are ready for the job!  You can use this website to make sure that you are ready! 

After practicing, take a sheet of construction paper and draw ten chickens living on a farm and number them.  See here, living on a farm can be tough and you have to know how to count!  I know you will do a good job!  Good luck and count away!

Mission Steps
Step1:   Click here and use this link to make sure that you are ready to count. There are many games you can play to know all about counting. 

Step2:   After you practice, take a sheet of construction paper out and get your crayons or markers.

Step3:   Draw ten chickens living on a farm and number them.  Make them pretty and colorful. 

Step 4:   Give the picture to your teacher and make sure that you can count all ten chickens. 

Coloful Chicken                                                                 Three Chickens

guitar chicken
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