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Hello, my name is Melissa Harris.  I am currently enrolled at Valdosta State University.  I am working towards my Bachelor's degree from the Early Childhood and Reading Education Department.  I look forward to teaching elementary children.  As a junior in high school, I became a teacher's aid to the elementary classes around my tiny school.  This is where I began to love working with elementary school kids.  I am excited about becoming a permanent fixture in the classroom.  I will begin student teaching in January of 2006 and am ready for the experience. 

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As you can tell, my main hobby is music.  I play several different instruments some of which include the piano, rhythm guitar, mandolin, and bass guitar.  I have two favorite guitar shops.  They are
Gruhn Guitars and the Gibson Bluegrass Showcase, both of which are out of Nashville, Tennessee.  These two places are among my favorites to visit.  I started playing piano at the age of six.  I attempted the base and rhythm guitar soon after I turned eight.  I began playing mandolin not long after becoming ten.  When not at school or studying, I am sitting at a piano, or I have a guitar or mandolin around my neck. 
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I have lived in Valdosta, Georgia almost my entire life, and now I live in Adel, Georgia.  I moved away for eight years and moved back to Valdosta when I was freshman in high school.  I enjoy attending Valdosta State University and look forward to what is ahead of me.

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Great News!
Wedding bells are ringing!

Missy Taylor and Joey Harris
united in marriage on
June 18, 2005.

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Amy Renee Taylor Dorsey
June 13, 1974-December 11, 1995

This page is dedicated
to the life and memory
of my sister, Amy
Renee Taylor Dorsey. 
We love you so
and will never forget
you.  Thank you
for all that you taught
me.  Your life continues to
 be an inspiration to
many people to
numerous to count. 
I am so thankful to
have had you in my life! 

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