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Welcome to my Home Page! I am Mary Sheeley from Rome, Georgia. I attend Valdosta State University in Valdosta, Georgia. I am an Early Childhood Special Education major. I am in the second professional semester of the program, and I plan to graduate with my Bachelor of Science degree in Education in May, 2012. In this program, I will be seeking a Master's degree of Education as well. I have always wanted to teach, and I am very excited to begin my career as an educator. I feel as though educators are very important in the life of a child, and I hope to make a small difference in the world through this field. 

I have many interests and hobbies. I am a trumpet player in the Blazin' Brigade Marching Band at VSU. With the band, I play at every football and basketball game on campus. I am also a sister of the Sigma Alpha Iota International Music Fraternity for Women. I love music, and our purpose as a fraternity is to support music in our community and throughout the world. I am also persuing a Spanish minor at Valdosta State University. I have traveled to many Spanish speaking countries, such as Spain, Argentina, and Chile, and I hope to one day become bilingual.

As an educator, I am always searching for new materials and resources to use in my classroom. Technology is a very important aspect of lesson planning, and there are many websites available with great information. One website I would recommend to teachers is Education World. This website is very helpful and provides resources for lesson planning and news in the educational field. A website that I would recommend to parents is Brainpop. Brainpop is a very good educational resource to help students explore the world of education through games and fun activities. This is a great way to get your children excited about learning without making it a chore.

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